Galaxy Mega Vase
Galaxy Mega Vase
Galaxy Mega Vase

Galaxy Mega Vase

Retail price 1,899.00 DKK


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When Unique is the key word. 

Uniquebeing the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

Perfectly Imperfect 
The Galaxy Mega Vase is designed as a true statement piece where colors, shades and proportion collides. Each Galaxy Vase is handmade and each vase is unique in color and shape. Each Galaxy Vase is a one of a kind. Depending on the angles and light, the colors are changing, providing a playful and refined touch. 

Due to its big dimensions, the vase can be used for decorative storage purposes, as a floor vase or simply as decoration for displaying beautiful flowers or branches.

See related Specktrum Teaser for examples of the perfectly imperfection that unfolds here.

Color Unique Multi Colored
Height 30 cm
Material Glass
Washing instructions Hand wash
Width 30 cm