When the word Enough does not apply

"Enough" is not a word that we have in our vocabulary when it comes to textiles. 
Textiles can set the mood, light up the surroundings and create contrasts, and they are a quick and easy way to renew the home.

A pillow - or a bunch of them - is a decorative and ornamental accessories that can work wonders. We have been playing with materials, fabrics and geometrical shapes to provide a spectrum of pillow variations. From the elegant expression of  the hand picked, colored velvet from the Daytona Pillows to the natural, rustic and raw touch from the Hand Woven Wool Pillows

A blanket - or a pile of them - can serve as a practical as well as a must have item.
To add an edgy and extra softness to the home, use the Silver Touch Blanket

For a XXX use the Scarab Blanket 


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