When adding a touch of Dazzling to the everyday tableware

"Nature is not a place to visit. It is home" - Gary Snyder 

When designing the Heksagon Bamboo Serie we were inspired by nature, more specific the heksagon pattern which is prevalent in nature due to their efficiency. The hexagonal pattern is known from bees' honeycombs, snowflakes and to the Giant's Causeway. 

Everyday Stories - Everyday Expressions
When designing the Heksagon Bamboo Serie we wanted to create a dazzling and unique touch to the everyday tableware which contain the same efficiency. A practical accessories that speaks to the eyes and is full of personality. Where  practical and functionel is not a synonymous of doll. Where design meets the modern everyday life. 

With its carefully choosen contemporary colors, the regular heksagon shape and the matt finish, it is ideal for adding the final touch. The serie consist of cups and bowls in 2 different sizes which allows for multiple uses at multiple occasions. 

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