When Cool Vibes Matters.

When Cool Elegance Matters

A touch of industrial feeling, a hint of Coolness and a ray of Elegance. An elegant gathering of textures, colours and contrasts, - meet the Pedant Tube Lamp Collection. 

With its 4 carefully chosen colors and finish, matt black, glossy black, Silver and glossy dark green, there is room for creating your personal and unique contemporary lightning solution.  

Lightning is an essential element when it comes to space in our homes. A lamp can contribute for setting the scene, the right mood and the final look and feel that you desire. When designing our lightning solutions we wanted lamps that could support all of these important functionalities and still have an understated and elegant touch. We found inspiration in the industrial vibes. When designing the Pendant Tube Lamp collection we where inspired by the raw, industrial steel railing and pipes. It is centered around appearance. The Tube Pendant Lamp is designed as a playful yet classic Lightning Solution. With its pure, essential lines combined with the raw touch from the metal material, the lamp has a broad Specktrum of application. 

Create a unique lightning gathering by combining the Tube and the Ball collection in a unique gathering. 

To shop the Tube Pendant Collection, use our Dealers map to find a Specktrum Dealer near you.

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All the best, #TeamSpecktrum 

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