Perfectly Imperfect

Unique, when you look it up in the dictionary it is descibes as being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else

When we look it up in the Specktrum universe, it describes the Mega Galaxy Vase, The Boyhood Collection and the SuperNova Bowls. All 3 collections have been designed with uniqueness and personality as the key word. 


Each vase is handmade and each vase is a one of a kind - that is what we call perfectly imperfect. 

With it's 30 * 30 cm dimensions they is room for creating your own unique solution - whatever it is for storage, showcasing, displaying or decorative purposes. 

To shop the Mega Galaxy Collection, use our Dealers map to find a Specktrum Dealer near you.

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All the best, #TeamSpecktrum 

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