Do we believe in First Impression?

Yes, when it is about Specktrum we do believe in First Impression.
We strongly believe that it is the small things that together makes up the whole. Therefore we have added a little Specktrum touch to the products in terms of labels, packaging and hang tag details. 

Hang tag
The Hang Tags of Specktrum Products are made of thick, recycled material. With its characteristic grey foundation and black writing, they are a true Specktrum element. Depending on the product, there are used different hanging materials. 

The First Specktrum Catalog #1 consist of 42 images. The layout of the catalog is inspired by  polaroids where we have combined the contemporary expression and style with the nostalgia and memorable novelty. The catalog can be used as a whole but simultaneous each picture can be used individual to various purposes. 

Different packaging options are used for different products where both functional, style and presentation is in focus. 

Thank you note
Each Specktrum product comes with a small thank you note and an invitation to share the product on social media.  

We want to ensure that the Specktrum products are identifiable and all has a touch of Specktrum. 

To shop Specktrum products, use our Dealers map to find a Specktrum Dealer near you.

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All the best, #TeamSpecktrum 

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