All the fuzz about the rugs - the mood builder

When it is all about the layering, craftsmanship and setting the right mood. 

We know one thing for sure - our surrondings have a big impact on the atmosphere and our mood. We believe that rugs is a key mood builder. 

When designing our rug collection we wanted to add a Nordic touch and DNA to our textile collection. With its light and soft color palette, clear lines and extra coziness, the rug makes a perfect accessories to the favorites sports of the home. We wanted to create a powerfull, raw and graphical yet calm and balanced expression. To enhanze the graphical expression, we made our own interpertation of the classsic herringsbone pattern and used different layers to gain a more sharp effect - and to create that extra edgy look. The down towned nordic colors combined with the graphical print provides a sure contemporary look and feel. The color palette of the rugs creates a harmonious contrast to the typical white walls of the nordic homes. The Handwoven wool rug presents the colder color palete where the Handwoven Cotton rug presents the warmer color palete. 

Both rugs are available in 2 sizes. 

Each carpet is hand-woven and each have their own personal touch, as they are never quite the same. Use the rug somewhere - or everywhere - in the home where you will create a calm and immersion feel and simultaneously express your unique and personal style. 

A little tip can be to use a rubber pad under the free standing rugs to prevent the loose carpet from pulling on the floor. 

To shop the Rug Collection, use our Dealers map to find a Specktrum Dealer near you.

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All the best, #TeamSpecktrum

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